Fragrance for your home

Create your own personal scent with ScentChips

Create a personal and unique scent experience at home using Scentchips fragrance products. Mix various scents to discover the fragrance that suits you. Our range comprises numerous of different fragrance products that create more atmosphere in your home in a variety of ways. Our Scentchips enable you to combine different fragrances in a burner; you therefore truly create your own scent. Adapt the fragrance mix to suit the season, or choose a scent that makes you happy. Both the possibilities and the fun you have are limitless. Create a fresh fragrance in your home using Scentchips.

The most appealing fragrances, selected for you
Comprising 120 different scents, our range includes basically every imaginable fragrance. In selecting these Scentchips, we opted for a wide variety. You have ample choice, and can therefore always find a scent that suits you. Given the various sizes of boxes available, you can opt to experiment with smaller quantities. Do you have a favourite fragrance that you simply can’t get enough of? In that case, an L or XL box is a highly suitable option. As these boxes contain 26 and 38 ScentChips respectively, they should keep you going for the time being.
ScentChips as a suitable gift
Would you like to surprise someone with a gift of Scentchips fragrance products, but aren’t exactly sure which fragrances he or she prefers? In that case, an assortment box of ScentChips may prove the perfect gift. An assortment box contains 36 different fragrances, and four ScentChips of each fragrance. The box therefore comprises a total of 144 ScentChips. We also have various types of assortment box, enabling you to choose a gift that suits the intended recipient.
Compose your own scent
Lend your home additional warmth and atmosphere with our ScentChips, and let your creativity loose in search of the most appealing scents. You can conveniently compose a scent by combining different ScentChips. You can enjoy the fragrance for up to eight hours, as the use of ScentChips is a sustainable solution. You can use the ScentChips to create a pleasant fragrance anywhere in or around your home. Enjoy their fresh fragrances in the garden, the living room or bathroom, or use ScentChips to refresh your kitchen after cooking. The possibilities are basically endless and it is also great fun.


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